Get the Facts about Grignard Pure

How Our Technology Works


The Mobile Protection Unit

Mobile, portable unit for all occupied spaces

The Stratus

AC-powered tabletop, for episodic treatment

The Nimbus

Battery powered, for episodic treatment

The Universa

Battery-powered, hybrid for both occupied or episodic treatment


Health & Safety Fact Sheet

Download the Grignard Pure Health and Safety Fact Sheet and get the facts about Grignard Pure.

Introducing Grignard Pure

Grignard Pure is the first-of-its-kind, EPA-approved antimicrobial air treatment solution. It kills more than 98% of the novel coronavirus in the air, where transmission is most likely.

Testing Grignard Pure on Broadway

In late October, a group of leading scientists, engineers, technologists and Broadway producers put Grignard Pure to the test at one of Broadway’s most historic theaters. The results exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Health & Safety

Grignard Pure Safety and Health Data

In May, 2020, we contracted with Intrinsik, a globally-recognized scientific and regulatory consulting firm providing expert regulatory and toxicology advice, to conduct a Toxicology Risk Assessment on Grignard Pure. Intrinsik’s evaluation confirmed the product is safe for use, when used as directed and exposed to a population for extended periods of time.


In May, 2020, we contracted with a leading lab for airborne viral testing, to conduct rigorous tests on Grignard Pure’s effectiveness and efficacy. The results show that Grignard Pure kills more than 98% of the airborne virus particles.  Reach out to us to request a full copy of the report.

For people with compromised immune systems or respiratory problems?

Locations where Grignard Pure is in use to provide protection against airborne microbes will have the “Treated with Grignard Pure” logo prominently displayed at major entrances, to advise people who might have questions about their own health and to give them the clear option not to enter the facility should they not feel comfortable.