For people with compromised immune systems or respiratory problems?

The safety of air treatment products like Grignard Pure is demonstrated by their long history of use with no significant health concerns reported. Hundreds of millions of people around the world have been exposed to products nearly identical to Grignard Pure over the past 20 years. These products are used to create the special lighting effects we are accustomed to seeing at live music events, stage performances (including on Broadway), sporting events, and other live venues. NIOSH concluded that an air treatment product like this did not affect people with asthma.  The EPA has said that the active ingredient in Grignard Pure is not expected to cause adverse effects when inhaled, although temporary irritation to eyes, nose, and throat may occur to sensitive individuals.

Locations where Grignard Pure is in use to provide protection against airborne microbes will have the “Treated with Grignard Pure” logo prominently displayed at major entrances, to advise people who might have questions about their own health and to give them the clear option not to enter the facility should they not feel comfortable.