Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Food & Beverage manufacturers are a vital essential business. 

As an essential business, it is very important to have a multi-layered approach to employee safety. In addition to the recent safety protocols companies have implemented to protect employees from the spread of COVID-19 in shared work spaces, food and beverage producers now have access to a new advanced antimicrobial air treatment technology called Grignard Pure™. Using this technology, companies can increase employee safety in shared spaces, such as lobbies, office areas, breakrooms, hallways, control rooms, onsite trailers, auditoriums, or meeting rooms.  

Grignard Pure™ is a rigorously tested airborne antiviral solution that kills 98% of SARS-CoV-2 virus particles in the air, when people are present, and where the CDC has told us that transmission is most likely. It is the first-ever airborne antiviral product approved by the EPA to help fight the spread of COVID-19. It provides a critical added layer of protection, killing virus particles as they enter the air from talking, coughing, sneezing and reducing what is the primary cause of infection.

Veolia Water Technologies is an exclusive distributor of Grignard Pure for food and beverage companies.

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