Grignard Pure is Grounded in a Legacy Built on Chemistry Achievement and a Mission Built on Science and Engineering Innovation

Chemistry innovation is in our blood. Our ancestor, Victor Grignard, won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his pioneering breakthrough known to chemists around the world as “the Grignard reagent.” Grignard Pure continues his legacy of chemistry excellence and couple it with a mission to succeed and create real, positive impact through science and engineering.

In addition to a staff informed by a commitment to purpose, passion for greatness and unparalleled spirit of collaboration, Grignard Pure is also proud to be guided by the insights and counsel of a Science Advisory Team comprised of leading scientists and academics from Rutgers University, The Johns Hopkins University, Harvard University, New York University and Oxford University (England.) Together, this expanded team draws on the power of good in pursuit of creating transformative change.

Our Senior Leadership Team

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