WLWT5, Cincinnati, May 22, 2020

Great American Ball Park will serve as a beta site for what’s being called an aerosol viricide, which supposedly kills airborne coronavirus particles.

The Cincinnati Reds have agreed to be a testing site for Gignard Pure, which claims to have an effective viricide tested by independent labs across the nation.

Essentially, the ballpark will pump the viricide from its HVAC or other air circulation systems. Initial findings show that this particular viricide inactivates coronavirus particles in the air and as they land on hard surfaces.

“We believe the novel aerosol antiviral capabilities of Grignard Pure may enable us to achieve (our) goals. For this reason, the Cincinnati Reds organization has agreed to serve as a ‘beta’ site for Grignard Pure,” Cincinnati Reds President and Chief Operating Officer Phil Castellini said in a statement.